my philosophy

What I have to offer:

  • branding & identity
  • logo development
  • print design
  • green design
  • web design

branding & identity

What does your company do? What do you have to offer? Who is your target market? And what is your message? All this, and more, must be considered to optimally create a brand identity for your business that speaks to and reaches your intended market. Visual messages that represent your company will be a powerful addition in communicating to potential customers and increasing your business.

logo development

Adobe Illustrator is the tool for building and designing your logo. You will receive image files that can scale your logo to fit on business cards or billboards. When it comes to logos, clean, simple shapes that represent your message are key towards a recognizable and ever lasting design.

print design

Offering a full range of print design. One of my favorites is editorial design. I enjoy either freshening up existing magazines or providing creative direction towards new publications, as well as doing all the production! There's something about connecting people with places, and what those places have to offer that excites me. Other print projects include posters, packaging, illustrations and business collateral.

green design

Join me in exploring eco-friendly print and web solutions and be a positive force at the same time. My style leans toward creating natural and elegant designs, with supporting color palettes and organic shapes. I'm passionate about working with people and businesses that are making a positive difference in the world.

web design / wordpress

All XHTML and CSS sites are optimized and validated for assured visibility cross-platform. Most of my clients, however, are using WordPress sites. I've found some highly rated, very professional and fully responsive themes that are helping web clients end up with beautiful sites that are more cost effective than HTML. SEO is always kept in mind while building sites.